Use and Care

DiamondClad™ Use & Care

As much as cooking and eating is an absolute joy ~ the cleaning up part afterwards is less fun. Our DiamondClad cookware is extremely high grade, crafted of premium materials for delivering excellent results. To maintain optimum durability of your utensils, itis important to take proper care and to clean your cookware, for a lifetime of reliable and enjoyable usage.

Hybrid Cookware

Before first use, we recommend washing your cookware with dish soap and warm water. Then dry.
As with all premium cookware, DiamondClad cookware should be seasoned before first use.

1. Heat the pan to medium-low heat

2. Swirl 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil around the interior of the pan.

3.Leave it on the heat source for 1-2 minutes and then you're ready to get cooking!

You'll notice over the first few weeks of use, your DiamondClad cookware will gradually perform better and better as it re-seasons itself from the fats in the food - similar to a cast iron skillet.

Most recipes call for preheating the pan before use. In order to do so, place the pan on the stove at low-medium heat. After a few minutes, drop a few beads of water on the surface of the pan. When the water sizzles it’s ready for cooking. if the water evaporates immediately, it’s too hot, cool pan slightly.
As food will be cooking on both non-stick and stainless steel, we recommend using a small amount of oil, spray or butter when cooking stickier foods, such as eggs.

Though high heat can be used, avoid overheating your cookware. Low to medium heat is recommended to prevent the food from burning. It’s always best that our customers start cooking at lower temperatures and increase the temperature if needed.

DiamondClad cookware is dishwasher safe, which makes for easier cleanup! Use dishwashing detergent without bleach or citrus additives.  For tougher stains, allow your pans to soak in soapy warm water for 10-15 minutes followed by a scrub with a more abrasive sponge.

DiamondClad cookware is oven safe up to 500"F.
Use potholders when removing pans from the oven.
Metal utensil safe